October 11, 2010

What are the acupuncture channels? what are the acupuncture points?

acupuncture channels and acupuncture points simplified.

Meridian theory (or jingluo), describes in detail the channel pathways and connections. It maps out the flow of Qi energy throughout the human body (check out charts). Each organ system has its meridian, along which the acupuncture points are strategically located.

Every point has its functions and indications, so by placing acupuncture needles in certain points we can access the specific pathway to the Qi that will rectify the imbalance in the system and solve the problem. In the body there are twelve 12 primary meridians and 361 acupuncture points through which the Qi flows.

Try to picture acupuncture meridians like a system of motorways that enables perfect communication and facilitates free flow of Qi, blood and information thru the body. An illness then would be an interruption or blockage of this flow. The acupoints are like junctions or exits on these motorways which, when needled, enable us to influence the flow of Qi in the body.

For example, keeping the motorways in mind, we could see a traffic jam in the Foot Tai Yang Urinary Bladder meridian manifesting as back pain. In this case, performing acupuncture on points along the UB channel unblocks the congestion and restores the smooth flow of Qi throughout the body relieving the pain in your back!

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