January 11, 2013

Putney Mushrooms

Hello everyone,

Here are a few local fungi pics i'd like to share with you that are growing just around the corner, 

and a happy new year 2013!



December 09, 2012

your mushroom pics - Iceland fungi

Hi everyone, 
been hearing lots of good stories about Iceland recently, the country not the store, so i thought it appropriate to share with you some cool lil' mushroom pics from Iceland that Evelyne took when she was there in the summer,  

ps. shout out to Gummi T. in Iceland if you're reading :)

November 05, 2012

your mushroom pics - Vermont, USA

     its been a long while yo, but here are some of your excellent fungi photos :)
so we start with some cool looking polypores from Newfane, Vermont in the States, courtesy of mr. greenthumb himself on his last visit to his backyard mountain forests, cheers Jamie.

and a shout out to all our brothers and sisters
 in the five boroughs, nyc, the garden state 
and all others hit by the sandy storm, 

our thoughts are with you,

one love

February 27, 2012

acupuncture awareness week

So its acupuncture awareness week! If you're reading this blog you'll know its always acupuncture awareness week for us, cos needles is what we do :)

Any questions you may have about acupuncture and chinese medicine i'll be glad to answer, and if you're free friday lunchtime come down to clinic for a talk ange and molly are organising.

and as a special treat you can get a free taster ear acupuncture at the end of the talk.  woohoo!

November 28, 2011

Putney Christmas Lights and Market

Come join us on Friday, December 2nd at the Putney Christmas Market for an afternoon of children's entertainment, live music, food, mulled wine and an opportunity to buy some Christmas gifts.

Well4ever will be there selling gift vouchers for massage, reflexology and rejuvenating facials and other treatments.  

Aromatherapy hampers including room mists, perfume roll ons and home made lip balms by our very own Ange as well as Ella's Little Curly Collection of handmade Xmas cards, bookmarks, calenders and more will also be on sale. Look out for her gorgeous prints on canvas.


November 14, 2011

Ancient Aromatherapy

You may not realise it but you interact with essential oils just by walking through a forest and taking a deep breathe of fragrant pine needles; or peeling an orange and enjoying the fresh, uplifting citrus scent before popping a juicy segment in your mouth ... 
read more Ancient Aromatherapy

October 31, 2011

Chinese Herbal Medicine - Chrysanthemum Flower (Ju Hua)

Yellow Crysanthemum Flower
Today we'll talk about Chrysanthemum flower (flos chrysanthemi), or Ju Hua as it is known in China. In traditional Chinese medicine this herb's properties are bitter, sweet and slightly cold, and it goes to the Liver and Lung channels. 

Yellow Chrysanthemum has a beneficial action on headache and eye complaints. It has long been used as an eye tonic and can help relieve red, painful, dryness or excessive watering of the eyes. It is also used for blurry vision, dizziness and spots / floaters in front of the eyes. Combined with Goji berry (Gou Qi Zi) and Rehmania Six to make a great formula called Qi Ju Di Huang Wan.

Chrysanthemum is also used to clear headaches and fever associated with colds and flu. It is known to aid in releasing toxins from the body. Great together with Mulberry leaf (Sang Ye) in a great common cold / cough formula called Sang Ju Yin.

Its actions are antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory. It also may help lower blood pressure and relaxes blood vessels.

Some practitioners say, yellow chrysanthemums, the Golden Flower, are symbols of long life and will bring you good luck.

Ju hua cha - chrysanthemum flower tea is commonly consumed in China almost as much as green tea, due both to its medicinal effects and its excellent taste!

When you pop in to well4ever  you can have a cup of chrysanthemum tea with us, and if you want to make some at home we have ready made bags of 50g Chrysanthemum flowers for £3.50

Chyrsanthemum Tea

Thanks to Ange for words and pics :)

October 30, 2011

Well4ever Clinic Putney: Autumn Health - Herbs at Home

Autumn is filled with colour, mystery and awe-inspiring beauty. The little woodland creatures are hard at work preparing for the colder months, and so should you be...

Ginger has a strong antimicrobial action that can help fight colds and flu. It is beneficial for throat infection and has anti-inflammatory properties. read more...